Did you know that private health insurance is the most important perk employees look for in a workplace wellbeing package?

Imagine giving your employees the option of seeing a doctor in the workplace. No more lost work hours trying to ring for an NHS appointment, and a huge boost to their physical and mental health.  New research by Zest revealed that employees value private medical care over increased pension contributions, a company car or high street discounts

In this article, you’ll learn how Prestige Private Health gives real value to your employees and why we’re different to conventional workplace health providers. Plus, we will introduce our founders – Dr Wesley Tensel and Dr Munashe Musadaidzwa.


Meet the doctors behind Prestige Private Health

Our doctors, Dr Wesley Tensel and Dr Munashe Musadaidzwa (Dr Nash), are firm friends and colleagues, after meeting at Rochdale Royal Infirmary in 2008 while working as NHS doctors.  Dr Tensel has worked in medicine for over 15 years and has extensive experience in the NHS. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, he’s currently the senior GP Partner in a CQC outstanding-rated practice in Manchester. He is also a team doctor fora professional football team and an approved doctor for England Boxing. Phew! He enjoys epic holidays, spending time with his family, and a good book.

Qualifying as a doctor 20 years ago, Dr Nash is a sessional GP in West Lancashire with broad experience in family, acute, internal, and occupational health medicine. As a Faculty of Occupational Medicine member, he works with businesses to conduct occupational health checks.  Flying is his second passion, and he’s working towards his private pilot’s licence. Dr Nash is also an aeromedical examiner for CAA and EASA performing medicals for airline pilots, air traffic controllers and cabin crew. Outside of flying and medicine, he enjoys family time and nurturing his new found love of golf. 


Our why: to give your people a benefit they will truly value

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a rise in virtual consultations, but people often still valued in-person care. Our doctors thought something was missing, especially in the workplace – and the lack of face-to-face contact didn’t sit well with them. After much discussion and research, they set up Prestige Private Health in 2021 to transform healthcare access at work. 

Dr Nash said: “The joy of being a doctor is using my vast knowledge and skills to help patients in their time of need. Working as a GP at Prestige allows us to be there when patients need us the most.”


Alleviating the high cost of employee sickness

Employee sickness can be a massive financial burden for businesses. Conventional healthcare packages often limit their offerings to video calls – a sticking plaster approach that falls short when physical examinations are needed. Prestige Private Health addresses this gap by bringing the doctor to the workplace, prescribing necessary treatments, and therefore reducing absenteeism.Dr Wesley Tensel workplace GP

GP video calls are sometimes a waste of time, as the patient is usually told to visit their regular GP to continue discussions and diagnosis. Employers think they are doing good by giving their staff access to a doctor. But in reality, it’s a box-ticking exercise that adds no value. The patient has to repeat themselves to their usual doctor, treatment is delayed, and for you, it means lost work hours and frustration.

At Prestige Private Health, we still use video calls – but we visit patients at work if they need a physical examination rather than sending them to their usual NHS GP.

Tackling NHS waiting list times

Dr Tensel and Dr Nash understand the growing concerns around poor access to NHS GPs and widespread public discontent with the NHS. A huge chunk of their motivation stems from their desire to assist patients who feel stranded without access to primary care.

One of Prestige’s clients, Lea Turner, can’t recommend our services highly enough: “The last time I needed a GP appointment through the NHS, I was on hold for over 70 minutes, only to be told they couldn’t get me in for two weeks and they had no phone appointments available. Dr Wesley Tensel GP in the workplace

“Prestige is only a text or a phone call away; I’m spoken to on the same day and can obtain my prescriptions immediately. I can’t fathom how much time this would save for businesses working at scale. This month, they’ve saved me three hours of being on hold. Goodness knows how much time I’d have lost if I couldn’t get a prescription quickly from Prestige.”

Dr Tensel explains: “We worry about the increasing NHS waiting times and the pressure on the whole system. This is where Prestige Private Health helps. Because we deal with primary care issues whilst working alongside businesses, fewer clients need to seek help from their own NHS GP – freeing up appointments for patients who don’t have access to a company health plan.”

What do our memberships include as standard?

Employers can choose from four packages depending on their needs: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All memberships include onsite GP services, corporate health screening, blood testing at work, same-day appointments and referrals to specialists or allied health professionals. Plus, visa and occupational health medicals, private certificates and letters, a private prescription and delivery service, and mental health support. 

Outstanding care for your employees

Many healthcare packages tout 24/7 GP access. Whilst it may sound impressive, this service rarely offers continuity of care. Our research and extensive experience in the NHS revealed that employees rarely need round-the-clock access to a doctor and will only visit an out-of-hours doctor if it’s a real emergency. 

Prestige Private Health offers continuity of care through personal GPs; your staff don’t have to worry about speaking to a stranger during a consultation.  Our memberships range from bronze to platinum, including annual physical health checks, blood tests, and GP access in the workplace.

No age or illness exclusions: healthcare accessible to all

Unlike other providers, Prestige Private Health doesn’t discriminate based on age or underlying health conditions. Every client receives the same level of care and commitment, making healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions.

Let’s talk about improving your employees’ healthcare provision in your workplace!

Want to learn more about Prestige Private Health and our range of onsite GP services for your workplace? Contact us on 0330 133 5944 or email info@prestigeprivatehealth.co.uk.